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This registration program is for TBALL, Coach Pitch, Machine Pitch (American League), Kid Pitch (National League and Major League), Jr. Little League (13 and 14 year olds), Softball and Challenge baseball.
Before starting, please review the information below regarding COVID-19.
Due to COVID-19 uncertainty, MPTLL will charge a non-refundable $10 deposit to hold a spot for your player.  An additional payment of $165 will be applied to your account and due once practices begin. 
Many of the questions we receive each year are addressed in the MPTLL FAQs.  Please CLICK HERE to see that Information.  In addition, we've tried to address several questions related to COVID-19.  Please email us at admin@mptll.org, if you have questions that are not addressed below or in the FAQs.  Thank you.
Q: Will there be a season due to COVID-19 restrictions? 
At this time, we are preparing for a regular season similar to our spring season.  To handle the financial process, we are only charging $10 (non-refundable) to register, but the remaining $165 will be due once teams are formed and practices start.
Q: How will decisions be made about starting the season given COVID-19?
1) State and City regulations
2) Mecklenburg County Parks and Recreation field availability
3) Little League regulations around COVID-19
4) Enrollment volume
Q: Is there a possibility the fall season will be delayed or canceled?
Yes, there is a possibility the fall season will be delayed or possibly canceled.  All registered parents will receive communications around this as the season approaches.  Since this is a possibility we are only charging a $10 non-refundable deposit at the time of registration.  Once practices start an additional fee of $165 will be applied to your account and parents will be asked to settle their accounts as quickly as possible. 
Q.  Is the 2020 fall season like previous years or is MPTLL doing something different since the Spring 2020 was canceled?
  • Our fall season will include Softball, Tball, Coach Pitch, American League Machine Pitch, National League Player Pitch, Major League, and Junior League teams.  We will also have Challenge teams like previous fall seasons.
  • The 2020 fall season will be expanded beyond our traditional dates, and we will play more games than in a normal fall season.  We will likely start practices in early August.  Games will begin in mid-August and end in late October.
  • We will not play games over Labor Day weekend, a weekend in the second half of September, or a weekend in mid-October.  We might also schedule several weeks with two weeknight games, and no games over the weekend.  These off dates on the weekends will create opportunities for players to play in challenge tournaments, or for families to have a weekend off in case they want to travel or enjoy other fall activities.
  • We will follow our traditional spring rules, although we plan to limit the number of innings older pitchers can pitch per game.
  • The goal will be to construct rosters that match our Spring 2020 teams as closely as possible, and then fill in with new players where needed.  If you didn't play in the Spring 2020 season, that's okay.  We will find a spot for your player.
  • Little League International is allowing its member Leagues to play the 2020 Fall season using the 2020 Spring age chart.  MPTLL is going to take advantage of this rule and allow families to decide which Little League age to play this fall.  For example, this rule change allows a player who was LL age 12 this spring to play as a 12-year-old this fall.  Or a player who was a LL age 6-year-old in the spring could decide to play coach pitch again this fall, rather than move up to machine pitch as a “7” year old.
  • MPTLL also has a “Junior Little League“ program for 13-14 year old’s, which is played on a full-sized field (like Middle School teams.) We will have our regular Junior Fall program this fall, and the 2020 Spring 12 year olds would typically participate in that program. For this fall only, those players can play in both the Juniors program and in the 10-12 Little League program, splitting time between both teams.  MPTLL will do everything possible to minimize the scheduling conflicts so players will not have to choose where to be on a given night/day.  During registration parents should select both leagues if their player wants to play in both leagues.  Please note, if your player is dual rostered (on a little league team and a junior little league team then you will be billed for both teams.)
Q: Is my $10 fee refundable
No, unfortunately the $10 fee is non-refundable in the event the season is canceled or suspended mid-season.  However the $10 fee will be applied to your registration once that is billed to your account.

Base Cost: $10.00

Opened: 06/15/2020
Closes: 07/26/2020

Open to: Boys & Girls
born between: 08/31/2005 and 09/01/2016