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Select one of the topics below to see frequently asked questions:
Question: What are all the ways I can help volunteer for the league?
Answer: There are several areas that the League needs volunteers annually, including coaching, concession stand help, grounds crew, sponsorship, administrative help, team moms, and registration help. If you are interested, please complete the volunteer information form on our Volunteer page.
Question:  How much time is required to be a t-ball coach?
Answer:  Head coach requires a nominal amount of time.  The league provides significant support, helping with practice plans, fundamentals, and instructional tips.  The league does not want, lack of comfort level with coaching, to affect a decision to volunteer.
Question:  If coaching isn't an option, what are the best ways for a parent to volunteeer?
Answer:  That depends on your areas of interest and the amount of time you are able to volunteer.  Here is a list of teams at MPTLL where we need people every season and year round. The Facilities & Maintenance team at MPTLL is responsible for the following:
  • Providing a prioritized yearly plan of projects and estimates for completion;
  • Responsible for working with the long-range planning group to develop the future vision at Randolph Park;
  • Responsible for offsite identification and investigation of additional practice fields (Pearl, Cherry, Mason Wallace, etc…);
  • Responsible for field closures (in conjunction with communications team);
  • Responsible for development of volunteer user guides and videos (How do I line the field?; how can I help mow grass at our fields?; how do I drag the infield?);
  • Responsible for planning and execution of annual leaf removal event.
The Communications, Branding, & Marketing resources at MPTLL are responsible for the following items on a yearly basis:
  • Overall league branding;
  • Responsible for league website including registration, website content, technology upgrades, break/fix, and support;
  • Responsible for league wide communications (email, text, and social media);
  • Responsible for marketing campaigns (registration - yard signs, school fliers, social media);
  • Responsible for data mining and reporting (registration, capital campaign, etc…);
  • Responsible for walk-up registration planning and execution - including Grier Heights registration.
The Sponsorship & Fund-Raising team at MPTLL is responsible for the following:
  • Achieving yearly sponsorship goals;
  • Responsible for online store including product offerings, product pricing, and fulfillment;
  • Responsible for yearly fund raising including MPTLL Booster Club plus investigation of new ideas from members.
The Special Events Planning team at MPTLL is responsible for the following:
  • Responsible for tournament planning & execution (including challenge);
  • Responsible for opening day and closing day ceremonies;
  • Responsible for handling yearly awards and voting process (Nivens award, Schultz award, etc …);
  • Responsible for ordering year end awards and working with the communications team to publish results;
  • Responsible for spring photography schedule, communications, and delivery
The Long-Range Planning team at MPTLL is responsible for the following:
  • Responsible for the MPTLL long range vision including prioritization and final go/no go of CapEx;
  • Responsible for owning the relationship with County Parks and Recreation;
  • Responsible for maintaining the MPTLL priority use agreement and renewal(s) with County Parks and Recreation;
  • Responsible for working with the Facilities and Maintenance team, Finance team, and Sponsorship & Fund-Raising team to determine feasibility of proposed plans and funding of improvement projects;
  • Responsible for the timely and successful implementation of the Capital Campaign improvements.
The Technology Development team at MPTLL is responsible for the following:
  • Maintenance and support of MPTLL league website
  • Development of annual spring and fall registration programs
  • Development and analysis of annual spring and fall parent survey data
  • Working with the Communications team to make sure email and text alerts are reaching targeted audiences
  • Providing various data extracts throughout the year as needed
The League Scheduling team at MPTLL is responsible for the following:
  • Development and publishing the MPTLL yearly calendar
  • Working with the special events planning team, league coordinators, and the facilities maintenance team to develop, publish, and maintain the spring, summer, and fall season master schedules.
  • Interfacing with County Parks & Recreation officials to make sure fields are booked, lighted and billed correctly each season.
League Coordinators at MPTLL are responsible for the following:
  • Obtaining coaching staffs and making sure they are trained on league processes prior to the start of the season. 
  • Officiating league drafts (if necessary) or putting teams together at the start of each season to insure competitive balance.
  • Communication with league coaches prior to and throughout the entire season.
  • Working through any issues that arise within their respective league throughout the season.
  • Providing coaching clinics (if necessary) to make sure coaches are teaching players the MPTLL preferred method.
  • Holding a coach meeting prior to each season to ensure all coaches are on the same page with respect to the goals of each league.
The MPTLL Board is responsible for the following:
  • Adherence and compliance to Little League International rules.
  • Execution of annual league goals and responsibilities.
  • Leadership of league teams required to operate league functions (Sponsorship, Communications, Marketing, Technology, Fund Raising, etc...)
  • Reporting team accomplishments to MPTLL Executive Committee
  • Serving as a steward of the league and putting the best interest of the children above personal preferences/priorities.
MPTLL coaches are responsible for the following:
  • Providing a safe physical environment including the inspection of fields and equipment used for practice and competition.
  • Communicating in a positive way which demonstrates you have the best interests of the players at heart.
  • Teaching the fundamental skills of baseball keeping in mind that baseball is a game, and we want players to have fun.
  • Helping all players be the best they can be by creating a fun, productive, practice environment and teaching them skills young players need to know.
  • Teaching the rules of baseball and incorporate them into instruction.
  • Directing players in competition including determining starting lineups and substitution plans, and making tactical decisions during games while remembering the focus is not on winning at all costs, but on coaching kids to compete well, do their best, improve their baseball skills, and strive to win within the rules.
  • Helping your players become fit and value fitness for a lifetime by teaching the value and enjoyment of training.
  • Helping young people develop character including learning, caring, being honest and respectful, and taking responsibility while demonstrating and encouraging behaviors that express these values.
  • Remembering that every player is an individual and should have the opportunity to learn how to play the game without fear while having fun and enjoying the overall baseball experience.
If you are able to help in any of these areas then please send an email to and a representative will respond as soon as possible to discuss your interest.